Kids...take time to handle. They puke, cry, and manipulate you into playing with them day after day, which leads to not much time for video games. The solution, portability.

2 months ago I debated with myself about buying a PS4 or a 3DS, I was uncertain of what to do. I went to top gaming specialist around the world to make a decision. First I went to Aikage, which told me that I sucked and told me he would kill me if I bought a PS4, then Quiditty (is that how its written??) told me in a separate chat, BUY A PS4!!!!! with no regards to logic or why babies needs money for diapers and milk. Finally I decided to investigate the pros and cons of a new system in my new life as a full time Dad.

But first, here is Connor, my son and my everything. 5 months old now.

Ok, back to gaming stuff...why I think the 3DS is the perfect console for Daddys:


A dad needs portability since the baby will require lots of attention and love, so it's very powerful to be able to run up the stairs when the baby monitor goes wild, launch my 3DS to the bed and make a foward somersault to grab my baby and make funny faces like a madman. But this amazing machine is not bound to the house...YOU CAN TAKE IT OUTSIDEEEE. While you wait in the Baby's Dr. appoinment, while you wait for mommy to pick some medicines at the store, while there is a meteor shower but you don't notice because you are busy gardening flowers at a virtual town (yes, ACNL).


3DS Sleeps, just like us!

Real badass dad's don't jeopardize their time with their kids because of gaming, they get a system that sleeps, so progress is not lost when you run to your offspring. Being able to simply close the 3DS and forget about it knowing that when you open it again, everything will be there waiting for you is a must for busy dad's with kids.

Its such a nice sensation to be playing Shovel Knight NG+ and not screwing up that jump because anything baby.


How is this better or an improvement over the old Pause game system you ask?? Well you can't move your TV after your baby falls asleep to play your puny Call of Duty. If you desire to continue gaming on the rocking chair, or the bathroom or wherever, just go ahead right??? rightt!??!?!? "But, I can do that with my laptop says the master race" WELL I DON'T CARE, MY 3DS IS THE OVERLORD OF GAMING!!!!!

As an almost 30 year old dude, I can say, Nintendo will always be Nintendo for me and for my son.

Yes, I don't have bloody games with senseless violence, or amazing multiplayers, but if you were born in the Nintendo era, you will probably as me, still be playing Mario in your 50's.


I prefer my son to grow playing Mario Kart than GTA. Something changed in me, I feel I need to protect this little ball of love and laughter and the truth this I don't want him growing playing too much violent stuff. Not that I oppose it, if he is 16 and asks me for a violent game, I will probably get it for him. It's about education I believe. I strongly oppose the thought of COD making me want to kill people with a Sniper Rifle. The true issue lies at the worst enemy of humanity, the lack of education. (But I gotta say I want to live in an rpg world and make magic and stuff, that would be great ok?).

Connor is already hypnotized by the colors in Mario 3D Land or the soundtrack of Shovel Knight, I can see the gamer gene in him. He is a strong candidate to overthrow the Asian dominance in pro gaming, Let us pray to Ishman for this.

Do I have any cons? Not in particulpar, maybe just that I miss the days of L4D2 with TAY, since I just prefer to chill, but my 3DS in may manly belly, watch over Connor and play Animal Crossing.