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The Dating Game Redux: Super Shipping Scandal Special

Hello everyone! Your favorite TAY Admin/Author OTP couple, Dyram and Morie, here, bringing you another edition of The Dating Game! It's been over a month since the last time we've done one of these, and since there are so many new members here on TAY, we decided that now would be as good a time as any to do another one.


So, maybe you have a special someone that you've been eying here on TAY, or maybe you're single and looking to mingle. Either way, this is the place for you! Heck, maybe you're already spoken for, but you just gotta get something off your chest to that special someone on the other side of the monitor. We won't judge (probably. Ok, we can't promise that).

Now then, some of you may have noticed the title and been confused. Some of you may not have noticed the title. If you are one of the latter, we'll wait for you to take a look. You got it? Good! That's right, we're dubbing this one the "Super Shipping Scandal Special" where we post all of our favorite TAY member ships!

I know that all of you think finding love on TAY is far-fetched, but just look at us! That makes this a, um, 7.89% success rate. Yep. Sure, Dyram may be "married," but we've overcome those small hurdles to become whatever we are today. If it's possible for us, it's possible for you? Granted, it did take my having a seizure to get senpai to notice me...[Dyram: If only you knew... ;P] [Morie: And I would have that seizure over and over again, no regrets.] So there you go. The love that dare not speak it's name has spoken. Look! We even have pictures to prove it!


It all started as a fun night of dancing in the club. We had a few too many drinks and found our way back to Dyram's place.


His place was all decked out for loving! I was shocked, but intrigued. We quickly found our way to the bed. I couldn't get his helmet off fast enough.


I'll let you interpret this one yourself...

A bit out of breath...

D'aww. :3

[Morie: I actually didn't caption any of that. There he goes putting words in my mouth again...]


If you weren't embarrassed already, then hopefully you are now! Without further ado, here are our favorite pairings (yes, we are aware that some people are listed more than once. Just envy how pimpin' they are).

  • Dyram x Morie (we are the group's OTP after all.) Morie: barely edging out Morie x Christoph Waltz piloting an Eva, which is carrying a giant pizza.
  • TUT and Neryl (Oh come on, like it isn't obvious.)
  • Shardik x Novibear (After all, bears need love too!)
  • Habboi x Dyram (Awkward brotherly love.)
  • Habboi x H1TheSwan (Tsundere to the max, but from which side?) Morie: I've heard being tsundere'd from both sides is quite the experience.
  • GBD and Nintendo (I bet he'd be glad to receive Nintendo's hardware.)
  • Habboi x CookieMon (We're uniting their kingdom...heyyooo!)
  • Gran x foreveralone.jpg (womp womp...)

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