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Hello everyone and welcome to the first session of The Dojo! Today's first lesson will be on IVs.


The aim of this series is to help people become more confident within the competitive side of Pokemon battling. The first 3 or 4 posts will aim to explain EVs, IVs, natures and team building. Hopefully after that I will continue this series with articles that focus on one Pokemon. I will aim to provide potential sets, teammates, counters and many more.

Anyway, enough with that. The class is in session!

What Are IVs?

Individual Values, IVs for short, are values that are used to determine the stats of every Pokemon. They are responsible for the variation of the stats of many untrained Pokemon that belong to the same species.


Each stat has it's own IV value, which can range from 0 to 31, with 31 being considered "perfect". Each Pokemon's IVs are generated whenever they are encountered be it by a wild battle or when being received as an egg. It is near impossible to capture a Pokemon that has perfect IVs. However, in the Friend Safari, each Pokemon is guaranteed to have at least two perfect IVs in their stats.

How To Breed A Perfect Pokemon

What You Need

In order to get a Pokemon with perfect IVs you will need the following:

  • A Pokemon with Flame Body or Magma Armour - These two abilities will halve the time needed for an egg to hatch. It will save a lot of time. Fletchinder, Talonflame and Magcargo are all Pokemon with these abilities.
  • The Hatching O-Power - This will also reduce the time needed for eggs to hatch. This can be received from Mr. Bonding in Cafe Introversion in Lumiose City once you have all of the other O-Powers and have max style. A guide to getting max style can be found here.
  • Everstone - An Everstone will always pass down the nature of the parent that holds it.
  • Power Items - Power items can be useful if you want to pass down a specific stat, such as 0 IVs in speed if you want a Trick Room Pokemon. I'll go into more detail about this in my team building article. They can be bought with BP in the Battle Maison.
  • Destiny Knot - This is in my opinion the most important item in IV breeding. When a parent Pokemon holds this the baby Pokemon is guaranteed to receive 5 IVs from both the parent. You receive this in the Cyllage City Hotel or by defeating Beauty Aimee in a back alley in Lumiose City
  • A Ditto - Find someone with a Ditto in their Friend Safari and keep capturing them until one has the nature or IVs you want. You can use the IV Checker in Kiloude City Pokemon Center to find out a Pokemon's IVs.

Three new changes in breeding that should also be acknowledged:

  • It is now possible for both parents to pass down egg moves. This can save a lot of time trying to get all of the desired egg moves onto a single Pokemon
  • Male Pokemon can now pass down their hidden abilities if breeding with a Ditto. However, it is important to remember that a male will not pass down the hidden ability if paired with a female of the same species without the hidden ability.
  • While not overly important, the baby Pokemon will arrive in the same Pokeball as it's mother. If you have a female Snorlax in an Ultra Ball, it's offspring will also be in an Ultra Ball.

Pokemon with hidden abilities have a slight chance of appearing in Horde Battles and in the Friend Safari.

The Process

  1. Capture the Pokemon you wish to breed - If you want it's hidden ability, try the Friend Safari. For this I have caught a Wooper with its hidden ability, Unaware. A relaxed nature works best with a Wooper, so I also captured a Ditto with a relaxed nature.
  2. Breed your Pokemon and the Ditto together - Make sure the Ditto is holding the everstone so that it will pass down its relaxed nature to the baby. It's not guaranteed that the Wooper will pass down it's hidden ability instantly, so I will keep breeding until I get a Wooper with both Unaware as its ability and a relaxed nature.
  3. Now breed the newborn Pokemon with a Ditto that has a perfect IV in your desired stat - For my Wooper, I want it to have a perfect HP stat, so I will breed it with a Ditto that has 31 IVs in HP. Now to make sure I get a baby with 31 HP IVs, I need to make the Ditto hold a Power Weight. This will make sure it's HP IV stat is passed down. Also, I will give the Everstone to the Wooper I initially hatched. Now I will have a Wooper with a relaxed nature, its hidden ability and a perfect HP stat.
  4. Breed that new Pokemon with a Ditto with two different IVs - Now I will repeat the last step with my new Wooper and a Ditto with two different IVs. Wooper also wants a perfect defense stat, so I will get a Ditto with perfect defense and will make it hold a Power Belt. Again, the Wooper will need to hold the Everstone. The aim here is to make sure the baby will have 2 perfect IVs, which has a 1 in 3 chance of happening. I will take all of my newborn Woopers to the IV checker and to check which one has a perfect HP and defense stat. That is the only one I need so any leftover Woopers can be left in a PC, be released or be wondertraded. Depending on how cruel I feel.
  5. Get another ditto with different IVs - Currently, it isn't important what IVs the Ditto has now, as long as they're are different than the Woopers. This one has perfect attack and speed. Now between both of them, they have 4 perfect IVs all together, so I will make the ditto hold the Destiny Knot. The Wooper will have the Everstone. I will then continue to hatch eggs until I get a Wooper that has a relaxed nature, its hidden ability and 3 perfect IVs, which I check using the IV checker.
  6. Repeat step 5 with your new 3 IV Pokemon and a new Ditto - The aim here is to get a 4 IV Wooper and then I will use that Wooper and repeat step 5 again until I eventually get a 5 IV Wooper. It is important that you make sure your Ditto has the Destiny Knot and your other Pokemon has the Everstone. However instead of just getting one 5 IV Pokemon, you will need both a male and female that will go on to become your new parents.
  7. Breed both 5 IV Pokemon together - Make sure one is holding the Everstone and the Destiny Knot. If you are doing it correctly it shouldn't matter which one is holding which. Now here comes the most tedious part. While both Pokemon have 5 IVs, the chance that the offspring will then have all 6 IVs perfect is 1 in 200, so you will likely have to spend a long time hatching eggs in order to get your perfect Pokemon. That's where the Magma armour/Flame Body and the hatching O-Power comes in handy.
  8. Hatch your eggs son! I like to use the the straight line that goes along the Day Care from the end of Route 6, through Camphrier Town and ends at Connecting cave. The centre of Lumiose City is also a good option, as you can place a coin or something similar under the analog stick to force your character to move in a single direction, allowing you to go about your business instead of sitting, watching your character go around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around...

NOTE: I wouldn't recommend throwing away your 5 IV parents as they can speed up the breeding process when you want to breed Pokemon that are in the same Egg Group. An index of Egg Groups can be found here.

Final Thoughts

I promise this is the most complicated it ever gets! I tried my best to make it as simple as possible, but while typing this up I quickly discovered that it is no easy task.


Also I'm not going to lie, there is another way of getting 6 IV Pokemon, which may or may not be easier. If you can somehow get your hands on a 6 IV Ditto you can near enough skip most of these steps and just breed it with your Pokemon of choice, making sure it has the everstone and the ditto has a Destiny Knot. Then you can just breed them together to get your 6 IV Pokemon.

Finally I'm going to just talk about my views and opinions on IV training. As long as you don't plan on playing any any national or international tournaments, I honestly don't see the point in spending so much time getting 6 IVs. Many of my Pokemon have only 3 perfect IVs. If you have perfect IVs in the stats that they need them, you should be fine in online. Take the Wooper for example, all it needs is perfect IVs in HP and Defense, the rest is really just a bonus.


Of course, I should also mention not all Pokemon benefit from having perfect IVs in certain stats, but that's a lesson for another time...

That's not all, I have also put up an article on EV training, which you can read right here.

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