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I'm really feeling it!
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First up, it's the dragon slaying keychain, Klefki!

You can catch up on past iterations of The Dojo here.

This thing is just adorable, I mean, look at its dex entry for X:

"These key collectors threaten any attackers by fiercely jingling their keys at them"


Klefki, known as the Key Ring Pokemon, was one of the newly introduced Fairy-Type. Even though it's not as much of a dragon killer as it's Fairy brethren, it still has it's uses.

Not only is it immune to dragons, but it's typing is worth noting, as it is immune to Poison, which would normally cause 2x damage to a Fairy. It's ability, Prankster makes it a perfect choice for your leading Pokemon.


Klefki: Steel/Fairy

Moveset 1

Dual Screens Lead:

Nature - Bold:

Increases Defense but lowers Attack.

Ability - Prankster:

Prankster gives priority to all non-damaging moves.

Hold Item - Light Clay:

Light Clay allows both Light Screen and Reflect to last for 8 turns instead of it's usual 5 turns. Light Clay can be held by wild Golett and Golurk. Teaching Thief to a Pokemon can save time, as you won't have to spend many minutes capturing and checking every single Golett and Golurk.


EV Spread:

  • HP - 252 EVs
  • Defense - 152 EVs
  • Special Defense - 104 EVs


  • Light Screen - Light Screen lowers the damaged received from special attacks for 5 turns. 8 with Light Clay.
  • Reflect - Reflect lowers the damage received from physical attacks for 5 turns. 8 with Light Clay.
  • Spikes - Spikes causes damage to any Pokemon that switches in. No effect on Flying-Types or Pokemon with Levitate. Can be set up to 3 times, with the first layer removing 1/8 of a Pokemon's max HP, a second layer will deal a 1/6 and the third and final layer will remove 1/4 of a Pokemon's max HP. Can be removed with Defog and Rapid Spin.
  • Dazzling Gleam/Flash Cannon/Foul Play - This is entirely up to preference. Dazzling Gleam and Flash Cannon are decent moves that will give you STAB too, but Foul Play is also really useful to use on opponents that are setting up on you. It catches them off guard as they feel like they can easily set up on a Klefki.

Your Klefki should look something like this(Ignore the suggested spread, or not. Your call):

Illustration for article titled The Dojo: Klefki

Team Up With:

  • Belly Drum Azumarill - Klefki was built for all out offensive teams. Setting up Light Screen and Reflect allows Azumarill to safely set up a Belly Drum with a lower chance to be taken out immediately.
  • Shell Smash Gorebyss/Barbacle/Cloyster - Again, Reflect and Light Screen allow these Pokemon to safely set up a Shell Smash even without a White Herb.
  • Umbreon with Wish - If your Klefki still hasn't fainted but your screens have run out, Wish allows you to a higher chance of safely switching in your Klefki to set up again.
  • Any Dragon-Type - Even though dragons can be weak to Ice, you're more likely to encounter another Dragon-Type. Switching in a Klefki on a dragon will most likely cause it to switch out, as they're afraid of a STAB Dazzling Gleam.
  • Sableye - You need to watch out for Rapid Spinners and Pokemon with Defog, as they can remove your Spikes. Sableye can stop both as it is a Ghost-Type and it has access to a priority Taunt.

Watch Out For:

  • Sableye - Sableye can also be Klefki's worst enemy, simply because it has access to Taunt. A Taunt from a Sableye will force you to switch out as it's not worth keeping your Klefki out until the Taunt ends.
  • Heatran(numerous Fire-Types really) - A decent Fire-Type Pokemon can easily take out Klefki. Switch in to any Water or Rock-Types you have.
  • Garchomp - Klefki may resist the Dragon-Type, but a single Earthquake from a Garchomp can OHKO it.
  • Nasty Plot Crobat - A Nasty Plot Crobat is usually running Heat Wave too, which can take out Klefki with ease. Crobat also completely walls Klefki, so there's no reason to stay in against one.

Today's Giveaway!

I have 25 Bold Klefki's to give away, to get one you need to:

  • Put up a Pokemon on the GTS
  • Tell me what it is, it's level and gender
  • Tell me your In Game Name
  • Put your message as "Jingle Jangle"

They all should have at least 3 perfect IVs. They're intended to give you a headstart in the breeding process, but they are perfectly fine to use if you want to jump straight into EV training. No egg moves either as Klefki doesn't have any worth using.


Final Thoughts

I honestly don't see why Klefki isn't used that much. It has a great typing and it's ability make it one of the best leads in the game. Just watch out for those Fire and Ground-Types!


What does everything think of the layout for this? Anything you would change? I just went ahead with what I felt was easiest to follow. Klefki only has on decent set up in my opinion, but I plan on writing up multiple set ups if a Pokemon has them.

What would you like to see next time? Feel free to say!

Illustration for article titled The Dojo: Klefki

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