The Emperor Has No Clothes!

Happy Weekend TAY!

I hope everyone is strapped in for a fun weekend. I have some late summer projects to take care of now that the oppressive heat has finally left, but I’m looking forward to just hanging out with the family.

I was playing Grand Theft Auto V during the week...and I really don’t get the fuss.

I didn’t love the other GTA games but this iteration feels like Tarantino made Pilot Wings. The whole game seems to be focused on how many mini-games I can play as opposed to being a real journey. I enjoy some of the mini-games, like tennis, but I really don’t want to be loading trucks on the dock or doing yoga. I know this is legacy GTA game design, but it feels like Rockstar didn’t notice that the world has moved on.


It feels like the devs are relying on their old formula of being shocking over being smart. The problem with trying to be shocking is that Rockstar themselves have been partially responsible for what we now consider controversial in games and it feels like they haven’t been keeping up with the industry that they’ve influenced. Maybe I’m just too desensitized at this point, but it seems like this is the most sanitized version of GTA and that possibly some punches were pulled to reach a broader audience.


Since I guess I’m not playing GTA V for the thrills, I hoped the story would deliver...but I’m not digging that either.

It’s unfocused. The inclusion of the three storylines is unnecessary and makes it hard for the player to become part of the story. Again, we are just jumping from place to place and from skit to skit to match the assigned mini-game. I just can’t feel connected to anything or anyone.


Trevor is by far the most interesting and fun character to play; Michael and Franklin are boring. They could have kept the same story and had you play exclusively in Trevor’s timeline while having the other two characters only in the cutscenes and on the radios.

I get that Rockstar wanted me to see the game from all the storylines and wanted a cool character-switching mechanic for the combat, but having to deal with three character’s maps, inventory, and resources is too much busy work for a game seemingly designed exclusively on busy work.


The engine is fantastic and once I finally had the game properly tweaked (took long enough), it has run exceptionally well while looking incredible. It is a shame that none of the gameplay seems to keep up with the technology.

...but what do I know. GTA V is one of the best selling and most lucrative video games in history. It’s probably just me.


I’m really looking forward to playing some Breath Of The Wild with my kid this weekend. It was a busy week of school for the kid and we didn’t find time to play together. I have a feeling I have a lot more to do in GTA V, so I’ll sink whatever remaining free time I have into that. The quicker I finish it, the quicker I can move on.

So, what are you playing this weekend?