I'm really feeling it!

Aikage is dying.

I can no longer access my notifications and the kinja help people don't seem to interested in helping me even though I continue to spam them daily with questions.


To that end I'm beginning to believe that my best course of action is to abandon this account and make a new one. It's hard, as there is all of that history there. I've been here since Kotaku started. I always had this weird idea that one day I'd just sift back through all my endless comments to try and find that first one. Or at least as far back as I could. I don't think that's going to happen now though.

The other issue is that I'm unable to post things to TAYClassic (unless I crosspost). That is why after Wednesday there was no QOTD there.

The sooner I do this the sooner I can settle into my new account though. So to that end, we're having a name the admin contest. Let's hear some ideas that I will in all liklihood summarily dismiss and just pick Issiyo and it is my backup name. STILL. Now is your chance to potentially come up with a name so epic. So sublime that I may just change my mind.

It might be temporary. For all I know the kinjabots are just so hard at work fixing my problem that they can't respond to me. Maybe.


But still. I received well over 100 notifications today. Sometimes I'd have 30 at a time and I missed 20 of them because the drop down menu only shows 10 at a time. That's going beyond annoying to - pointless to even be here territory.

So. Let's hear some great ideas!

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