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I'm really feeling it!
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The Ethics of Cheating

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I was having the greatest time with Twilight Princess. The combat wasn't too bothersome, the dungeons and puzzles were fun and required some good thought, and the game overall was something I looked forward to playing. That is... Up until the 8th dungeon, and these fucking hand things pictured above. This is the second time I've played this game, and the difficulty spike at this temple is just insane.


Sometimes games are just questionably designed, or otherwise have parts that are just frustrating or boring to play. Aside from those stupid Zant's Hand things as the shitty platforming involved with these monsters, some notable examples in my mind include the green bubbles in Metro 2033, the vampire boss duo in Illusion of Gaia (that is timed, and only lets you hit for 1hp no matter your stats) and the final boss of basically any Tekken game. We're talking points in the game that are so broken and/or frustrating that they're enough to make you shut the game off and abandon it.

My solution to avoid these situations? Usually cheating. While cheating on newer games is much harder, games of the SNES era are made much more enjoyable thanks to the Retron 5's built-in Game Genie capabilities. It's the only reason I was able to beat Illusion of Gaia. I struggled through Metro's stupid-ass bubbles (seriously, fuck those things), and I'm probably going to abandom Twilight Princess unless I can figure out some exploit or another. My neighbours suggested I never play Tekken games again.


But is this right? Is cheating to get past shitty parts of a game okay, or does a true gamer take the flaws and the difficult bits as part of the complete package and conquer them?

What do you think, TAY? Am I a pleb for reaching for my Gameshark? Should I feel shame for leaving hard games to rot on my shelf? How do you address broken and tough parts of games? Let me know in the comments.

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