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The Eventual Fate of the Anime Marathon

Hey guys, Dex here. As you all know I've been single-mindedly putting out a review series that I call the "Anime Marathon 2013". This thread is to discuss that "2013" bit, so I'd appreciate everyone chiming in on this one.

Now with less Kinja'ing.

Anime Marathon 2013 has its roots back to late September of this year when I was feeling a bit down, maybe even a bit lost in my University life. I wanted to do something different that I hadn't really done before. So, when watched the both the Evangelion films on Blu-ray after buying them in late August, I had an inspiration:

This is it.

Without a second thought, I started figuring out the specifics of the marathon. After swearing off anime for so many years, I had no idea where to start, so I asked around. My friend Arcesious (and his friends) pointed me to titles like Eden of the East and Guilty Crown, while my fellow TVTropers did a good job of setting me up with titles like Valvrave the Liberator, Infinite Stratos, and Fate/stay night. The TAY community set me up with Sword Art Online and Attack on Titan. Having gotten some of my ideas from the TAY community, using Kinja+TAY seemed like a natural fit. I have reviewed things in the past, but I had never made a concerted effort to do so outside of insulated forum communities, so using Kinja was a very different idea than I was used to.


After a bit of research, I was ready. I charged headfirst into Valvrave, Sword Art Online, and Eureka Seven. Sword Art would go on to be the first review, followed by the other two series. From that moment on, things kind of went crazy. I started watching series at an almost inhuman pace. I believe that I peaked out at about ~12 series being watched at the same time (a few of which are still perpetually stuck in the watch pipeline).

All that said, the original intention of the "Review Project" was that I would hit as many series as I could in quick succession and review them before January 1st, 2014, and then the review series would end. Nothing else would happen after that. Hence the "2013" bit I tacked onto the title.

Fun Fact: Anime Marathon takes an absurd amount of hours out of my week, upwards of 10-15 hours a week are spent clearing either entire series, or parts of a series.

Of course, I never thought I'd get much of an audience. Yet, somewhere along the way, people started telling me they liked what I was doing. I've even gotten e-mails from people saying that they enjoy my stuff. Comments here have been great, if somewhat mixed due to my interesting takes on certain topics and series.


So just ending this thing as I planned so unceremoniously on January 1st seems like a slap to the face of the audience that's been watching me, so I'm taking opinions on this one.

In any case, I still have some things left on the agenda for the review marathon. Valvrave the Liberator and Arpeggio of Blue Steel from this fall should be ending by the end of the month, so they're on deck. In addition I have at least two more series that I'm hoping to finish next week after my finals are over.


The Upshot:

I want to hear opinions on how I should operate Dex's Corner. To this moment, it has been solely used as a platform for the review marathon. Plain and simple.


But I also did another prototype post back in November where I reviewed the Playstation Vita and made a conscious statement to review Vita games as well.


But if I'm doing Vita games, I might as well do other games too.

So my discussion topic for this article is pretty simple:

You can tell me what you've liked and disliked about my little experiment into article posting. In addition, you can tell me if you'd enjoy me continuing the anime review marathon past 2013 or if I should try a more balanced approach to Dex's Corner (inclusive of games and anime).


You can see all my articles on Dex's Corner.

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