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Whats up! I’ve been working on a ton of Destiny 2 Beta content. My first drop is going to a be a preview of “The Farm” one of the new social spaces for Destiny 2. Bungie only let us in The Farm for an hour today so I thought I’d get this up quick for those of you that slept in or missed it. For those of you that did not play the original Destiny social spaces were used to pick up quests, bounties, loot, and manage your inventory. Check out this video for my thoughts and analysis on the new social space for Destiny 2.

I will also have rundowns of the first story mission, the strike, and the crucible from the Destiny 2 beta.


I’m a fan of gaming just as much as gaming culture. I’m trying to find new ways to blend my hobbies, passions, whatever you want to call them, all together. Currently I’m practicing my writing (duh) and working on producing a Youtube web series (based on bartending) as well as a gaming podcast. I spend the rest of my time running my bar/restaurant. You can find me here!

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