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I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Mafia: The first death starts it all...

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The ship rocked back and forth as the storm continued to rage on through the night. Lightning illuminated an ornately decorated room where the captain of the ship tossed and turned, his attempts at sleep eluding him. Quiddity was a bad sleeper on the best of days and the thunder was not helping at all.


Knock Knock Knock 

He wondered if the storm had caused any damage as he rose to answer the door. They were far out at sea and repairs would be difficult.


It suddenly went quiet. Before he reached the door, it swung open and with a flash he felt a knife plunge deep into his stomach.

“It begins”, he heard the person say and Quiddity was no more.

The next morning, the rest of the passengers awoke to the news and realized one thing.


There was a killer among them.

Alright! So now the game begins. We had a much bigger turn out than I expected (22 people!) and so I’ve decided to tweak the numbers a bit. There will be 3 mafia, 2 detectives and 2 medics. All role PMs have been sent out so check discord to see if you got a message from me. If you haven’t then you are a villager. Feel free to ask me any questions about your role.


So lets clarify how I want things to work.

During the day cycle people will vote for who they think is Mafia. Please @message me in the #mafia channel with your vote. You can change your vote but please do so in a clear manner. One hour before voting ends I will ping the channel to put in your final votes. Whoever has the most votes will die. If there is a tie, there will be a coin toss to decide who dies. If one of the people who is tied is Mafia he/she will win the coin toss no matter what.


Once someone dies they are not allowed to post in the #mafia channel and should try their best to not influence the game at all. This is especially important for detectives and mafia. If you get information using your ability, please do not share it with people after you die. I have no way of enforcing this, but please try to play by this rule. There is another channel called #mafiadead that you will be able to post in once you die if you want to talk about the game still with other dead people.

Regarding PMs, they are encouraged! Forming secret factions while you try to figure out who is who is half the fun of the game. That said, please do not screenshot conversations and post them in #mafia (or any other discord channels). Your PMs are like whispers that you cant record. When in the #mafia channel its like you are in a public space where there is no evidence, just one person’s word against another.


Last but not least, this is a game about lying and deception. I know that might make some people uncomfortable. I hope everyone remembers its just a game and backstabs someone with the best of intentions :)

List of players
1.) abracadaniel
2.) Aikage
3.) amandageddon
4.) cloudpersona
5.) DisturbedShadow
6.) dracosummoner
7.) DreaPoetic
8.) Dylan
9.) Gugsy
10.) Hucota7
11.) Ikalx
12.) Kidechka
13.) Meathead373
14.) Mortal Dictata
15.) Muckamuck
16.) Novibear
17.) OffkilterPendulum
18.) Penguin
19.) PyramidHeadCrab
20.) Rienier
21.) StygianKnight
22.) tinytaco.xyz

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