I'm really feeling it!

Get down and show your true colors.

How fitting, fireworks in both America and Splatoon! The very first Splatfest is underway for the first time in the West, with American choosing between cats and dogs while in the old continent we must decide between Rock and Pop. As you will be able to witness in the thirty minutes or so of the European Splatfest I recorded earlier, everything gone dance party, even the playable levels themselves are all now played in night time (your squid even has a flash light) with incredibly catchy music performed by Callie and Marie. Have at you!

Every time I want to pull away to play another game, something Splatoony happens and there I am, back at it. Nintendo has really outdone themselves on this one. Considering the amount of free unlockables still on the disc and the fact that they can further extend the game’s length with extra paid DLC means that surely there will be a lot more Splatoon time ahead for Wii U owners. Now then, just one more round... Stay Fresh!


*OMAKE* Callie & Marie Splatfest dance routine.

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