I'm really feeling it!

I am a very, very rich Inkling boy (as in Super Sea Snail rich).

After twenty four Nintense hours, the First European Splatfest has come to an end. Sorry Marie, better luck next time, Pop Music just needs to bow down to Rock! Here is a video of the final rounds of the event where (completely by chance!) I rose to the rank of Eternal Rock Boy on the very last round!

Next is the breakdown of the results, it was far closer than what I was expecting, considering the onslaught of one sided games I played today with a team made of other three level 20 Rocking Inklings.

You will notice I used my earnings immediately, my objective was to win at least three Super Sea Snails so I could upgrade my Samurai Armour pieces, after paying Spike 90.000 moneys to make a similar upgrade last month to my favourite armour (The Power Suit).


Congratulations to all Inklings from both sides of the Atlantic, truly a magnificent Splatfest. Rock & Dogs FTW. Heres hoping for many more to come. Now, what am I going to do do with these twenty one Super Sea Snails left...

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