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​The first game I beat this year...

Was Killer Is Dead I beat it on January 2nd in the New Year of 2015. Now I bought this game a long time ago for 20 bucks on Amazon funny this id is that the copy they sent me was the special edition which was selling for much higher at the time. Well not my problem got a nice art book with it and some dlc including and extra woman to woo and some story missions to make sense of why she's there oh and a costume I think.


Now for those of you unfamiliar with this title it's from SUDA 21 the No More Heroes', Killer 7, and Lollipop Chainsaw guy you know the crazy absurd games full of fan service save for Killer 7 which was just more bizarre than anything else.

So anyway back to this game which back upon its release got a lot of buzz from having side mission when you ogled women and gave them gifts and if done right you got intimate of course it's just really suggestive and no sex is shown but its damn near close. That aside I found it enjoyable and reasonable that the main character Mondo who has an awesome name by the way is such a straight faced government assassin who is not looking for a real relationship and simply moonlights as a Player or Gigolo when he's not on the job.


Dude's a bad ass although he's got a bit of amnesia he fights like what I would imagine a Samurai version of Samus Aran does since he has a fricken Mysterious (Wire/Robot) Arm called Musselback that is a Gun, Ice, Gun, Charge Beam Gun, a Drill, and A punchy Fist! However it's also listed to have other abilities. Also while you're playing story missions it's funny to see the woman you woo give you a call asking you to come visit again of course Mondo never responds unless you the player go and see the woman after a story mission and honestly it's worth it to save money for gifts for them because they unlock Musselback's other functions

Whoa I am way off topic uh a big thing I loved and hated was the story as it is so full of things that make you question everything. However I loved the characters like Mika the abandoned girl Mondo took in thankfully she is not someone you romance as she is too cute and full of sunshine (LITERALLY) she's also your continue when you die in a mission and don't restart from check point she runs up and beats you silly till you wake up. She's the little cute brunette.


Vivienne and Bryan are kind of like your bosses in that they arrange the job Mondo does. Also they help fight a few times Vivienne literally has like 20 arms and shoots pistols like crazy think like that Robin chick from One Piece she's the tall blond in the picture.

Also Bryan is a retired assassin who runs your department and he's like old man Cyborg (DC comics) to me he has a giant turret that his arm turns into He's the black guy. Vivienne and Bryan assist you a few times however I would have loved it if I could have played as them for a mission or two. Well that aside won't mention more for spoiler's sake however


Another cool dude tried to make since of Killer is Dead's story and you may want to give that a read too. If you don't ever plan on playing the game or were confused from what you played or saw.


All in all I loved the game play and the characters and even the Gigolo mission as the three main woman on Mondo's plate one is Brazilian woman named Natalia and she hangs at the Bar, One is a Japanese Woman Koharu and you visit her at work after hours at her restaurant. And the Last Woman who makes way less sense as the other two is Scarlett The Blood Witch who you literally will see hidden all throughout story mission who allows you to unlock and complete arena challenges for her affection as opposed to the normal ogling and gifting you do with Natalia and Koharu.

Fighting was fun and taking a break to gig it up with woman was oddly refreshing to me. Anyway let's bring this home because this is already way longer than I expected. I like the game if it sounds interesting to you pick it up rent it or whatever it's on PS3, XBOX 360 and PC.


Oh hey yeah I plan to start posting more again. Hopefully more work is to be here soon.

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