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The First Night of Street Fighter V's Beta Was a Disaster

It was the night fighting game fans the world over have been waiting for; their first chance to get their hands on Capcom’s next big fighting game. Or, it was supposed to be, since nobody actually got to play it.

The public beta for Street Fighter V started at 6:00 PM Pacific/9:00 PM Eastern, and almost immediately signs of trouble began popping up:


An hour and a half after the beta was scheduled to launch, amid numerous reports of connection issues, Capcom informed players the Street Fighter V servers would be offline until further notice.


Throughout the night, Capcom sporadically issued updates on twitter and via a now-locked thread on their forums. Though Capcom acknowledged the issues they were experiencing, they were unable to offer an ETA for when the Street Fighter V beta would eventually come online.

Some players were able to connect to the game’s training mode, but as of this writing I was unable to find any evidence of an actual player-versus-player match successfully taking place.


At this point, we’re stuck in a waiting game. Capcom has taken the beta down for routine maintenance schedule every night between 11:00 PM and 1:00 AM Pacific, but that doesn’t mean much when the game was never truly up to begin with.

It’s a major letdown for fans the world over who were waiting to play, but if there was ever an appropriate time for this to happen, it’s when a game is in the testing stage; let’s just hope this doesn’t happen at launch.

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