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The Five Guys Saga, as Told by The Dark Knight Rises

[I was right - I can make 5 positive article and one negative one, and the negative one gets all the attention]. The Five Guys Saga, otherwise known as "Zoe Quinn fucked five dudes to further her career and inadvertently outed corruption in games media as a result", has been big news everywhere on the internet - except on games media sites, who are too busy censoring people and feigning attempts at damage control to actually talk about the issues at hand or demonstrate they have the integrity to behave like real journalists. I'll let this Dark Knight Rises clip explain the subsequent fallout.

But, honestly, I didn't know Stephen "I actually have a journalism degree and should know better" Totilo could fly a plane. I also didn't know that Nathan Grayson sleeping with Zoe Quinn and subsequently giving her game raving reviews was acceptable though, so Totilo and his wannabe gang of "writers when they want passes, bloggers when they face criticism" lackeys continue to surprise me.

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