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I'm really feeling it!
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The Forums of Old

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I’m not here to talk about The Good Old Days of TAY — The Good Old TAYs, if you will — and how they were better or some crap like that, but rather to share one man’s mission to collect them all, and by them all I mean the full set of TAY Forums.


No, that doesn’t mean hosting all five Open Forums in a week; that would just be crazy. I mean hosting one of each type of forum in a week. If you’re a newer member of TAY, you may not know this, but back in the TAY we had three forum type posts a day. We even had a special weekend Open Forum on Saturdays. They all got pretty good traffic too. We don’t get as much traffic these days, but we’re still a great community nonetheless.

Anyway, there was the Open Forum, which you know. It was and still is posted at 10AM EST on weekdays, and Z was and still is in charge of making sure every day has a host. Posted at 5PM EST was the TAY Time Chat, a pun on Tea Time, which was Nach’s baby. It was a less serious forum with random news stories linked in to provide topics of discussion and included a song or songs of the day. And finally Kluge managed The Graveyard Shift, the evening forum posted at I think 9PM EST.


When I first came to TAY and fell in love with this community, I saw these forum posts and was like, yeah I can do that. After some time, the Wednesday Open Forum host left TAY, so I offered my name for consideration as a replacement. I was not chosen at the time, but I did end up being the go to fill-in person for the regular hosts when they couldn’t do it. They knew I really wanted the job. A short time later, Nach started not having as much time to host a TTC every day, so he got some people to host some of the days and I ended up hosting on Wednesdays. Boom. My first forum. A few months later, the regular Friday host for the OF stepped down because she didn’t have as much time to spend on TAY anymore and asked me to take over. I was excited to finally host an Open Forum on the regular, and I still have that slot to this day. A good while later, the host of the Monday Graveyard Shift was no longer able to host it, so I volunteered for the job so I could complete the set. So then I was hosting one of each a week, nicely spaced out across the week. Although there was one time I did a double fill-in and hosted all three in one day. That was wild.

Over time, the TTC and GS started losing traffic, and the hosts felt less motivated to post them. They went from sometimes missing some days, to just not being posted anymore. The TTC went first, then the GS, and we were left with just an OF, but for a while I had the whole set. Good times. If I was still hosting three forum posts a week, having enough posts for the SixTAY Days of Writing challenge this post is a part of would have been a breeze. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, but I can get one post out of all this by telling you about them.

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