I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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If GameStop and other retailers — both large and small — don't begin refusing to take preorders for the Xbox One and refusing to sell games for the Xbox One NOW, before MS gets a foothold with the console, these retailers can begin saying their farewells and shuttering up their stores. Retailers better be ready and willing to refuse this product. Just like Microsoft wouldn't allow GameStop or Best Buy to sell games that lock the console into only allowing games to be played that were purchased at GameStop or Best Buy.

Microsoft does not have the upper hand here. Digital distribution isn't large enough yet. The only way it GETS the upper hand is if retailers decide to give it to them. Hopefully they won't be that ridiculously self-destructive.


The same can be said for the consumer. Microsoft does NOT have the upper hand on the consumer with the Xbox One. Before agreeing to let MS "check in" every 24 hours for us to play a game, before agreeing to let MS make a camera mandatory even for games that don't use a camera, before agreeing to let MS demand we give our Constitutional (if you are a U.S. citizen) right to trial and privacy away to play a game, before agreeing to let MS charge us multiple times to use a game on multiple accounts (say, having to pay for the game for yourself, your wife and your child) — even on the same system — we need to ask ourselves if that is what we want our future to be.

Do we want the future of gaming to be a place where we can't loan out or borrow a game? Do we want the future of gaming to be a place where a camera watches everything we do and where our data is collected, stored and sold? I certainly don't and — if the initial reaction to the Xbox One is any indication — neither do most gamers. We ARE the early adopters, we ARE the ones who can make or break a console. And we SHOULD break Microsoft as a console maker if this is where they want to take gaming.

Retail stores and consumers are much stronger than Microsoft. But the tables WILL turn if we don't stand up now. Don't be weak. Don't hand the future of gaming and your rights as a consumer (and your rights in general) over to Microsoft. Right now the future of gaming is in YOUR hands. Don't give it away.

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