I'm really feeling it!

So I've been gone a while, and it seems that I was presumed dead for a bit there. I'm not! I'm here and just as fabulous as always! Sorry that I've been absent though, I didn't mean to worry you all. Work's been a lot stricter about internet usage in the office and school work has prevented a lot of hanging out on the net at home. I found myself an honest to goodness social life while I was at it too (hence the disappearances on Friday night, sorry Kluge). I was shocked that the people I've been hanging out with haven't fainted (or worse) from sheer fabulousness yet, but they haven't! Speaking of Fabulousness I haven't forgotten about run club either, I've been working the equivalent of 9 points a day throughout my disappearance, though I understand if Aikage doesn't want to count them, the scoundrel :P


But know this Aikage! I'm also starting up the workout Stephen Amell used to prepare for Arrow, my points and fabulousness will only continue to grow from here! Also, I took a short hiatus from anime while I indulged myself with a Psych addiction for a short period of time. C'mon though, it's Psych, who doesn't love that show? I think it was a needed break, considering how much anime I had been watching non-stop ever since the start of the fall season. That being said I'm back baby! now that I've finished Psych up to the current season anyway :P I'm in the process of watching Devil Survivor 2 (Which will be my first season review back for trainime) It'll be the debut of my new review format, and my new mascot character Sylver-kun! (He's all sketched out now, I just have to figure out how to turn him all digital and colory, any tips would be greatly appreciated, I don't have a fancy tablet :3) In conclusion, I'm back and I'm gonna be around, I'll try to bring back the Off-TAYpic as much as I can by writing it at night and scheduling it, though I may not be around to hang there until after I get out of work. I'll be doing anime reviews again as I finish seasons, and I'll be doing a halfway point roundup for the current season too!

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