Gamesradar has this interesting article on what the PS4, and next gen consoles as a whole need. The entire point is that with so many true next gen games delayed till 2015, it's getting harder and harder for people to justify their next gen purchase. And while HD upgrades and multiplatform titles are nice, they really hold back on showcasing what exactly these new consoles can do.

While I see his point, I call shenanigans. Nay. BULLSHIT.

While I would love to tear down big AAA titles, especially Uncharted, the fact is we need both, not just one or the other.

When I used to work at Gamestop, I remember Ubisoft's Imagine series of games for the DS. I and most every other employee loathed these games. Crappy graphics, basic gameplay, and an obvious cash-in on unknowing girls and their parents, this series of games was the epitome of "Everything Wrong with Gaming".

I was wrong though. On multiple fronts.

From the business side, these are relatively easy and cheap games to develop. Small investment, large return. Guess where all that money goes to? Game development. While some of the profits inevitably goes back into the Imagine series (and fatten some investors wallet), it had to get spread into other games as well. Maybe it helped pay for that one concept artist on Assassin's Creed II, gave them enough funds to risk Rayman Origins, or help fund the creation of the Disrupt Engine used in Watch Dogs. There's no knowing for sure but you get the idea.

On the other front, they are gateway games. Sure most core gamers see these games as diluted experiences or not even real games, but the fact is that a few of the girls that play these may spread out into other games. First it may be Imagine Master Chef, but then she might get Cooking Mama, then Harvest Moon, and then Animal Crossing. BOOM! Next thing you know they are all over the interwebs surfing weird gaming sites with "NSFW fishes" or writing some wiki for a game.

Do I want or need Imagine games? No. But does the industry need them? Yes, and in a roundabout way so do I. And the same is true for Uncharted and The Last Guardian, especially when it comes to E3. We need Uncharted to show us the biggest and prettiest things the PS4 can do and we need The Last Guardian to push the envelope as to what defines a game to show that games are more than just shooting and killing.

Or maybe Sony will surprise us both and give us something completely new that does both. They gave us The Last of Us and Heavy Rain, who says they can't do it again?

Just because you feel that Sony and Microsoft tricked you into a "PlayStation 3.5, or Xbox Sort-of-One." and you need a specific game to justify your purchase shows that maybe you don't know what you want or need. These consoles have not even been out a year and already the talks of the waning success and hype seem to paint a picture of impending doom for consoles when in reality, these things take time. Thinking otherwise shows you as an uninformed consumer at best, or an impatient child at worst.