I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled The Games Hit List: July-December 2014

E3 has been and gone. Dreams have been dispelled, hopes broken, wishes fulfilled and heart murmurs exacerbated by dangerous levels of hype. In the dust I stand with a notepad and pen in one hand and a budget in the other, like some kind of wasteland accountant. My task is simple: Work out what upcoming games I want to pick up, along with current and previous generation games I missed and retro purchases. And because we're in some new fangled 2.0 web where social is king and web rings are dead, you can too.


What is on your gaming hit list? What titles do you want to grab in the coming six months? Why? Inquiring, curious minds want to know for reasons that don't involve selling the information to a game-hoarding dragon who lives in a cave formation understop Gamestop HQ.

Answers in the comments, please. And remember, only video games can protect you from the vile daystar trying to burn your flesh.

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