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The Games I Completed In 2016

Hello hello TAY; long time no see! Very unfortunately, due to life’s many stresses―namely college and a (shameless plug) new writing gig―I’ve had very little time for my favorite little gaming corner of the internet.

Nevertheless, you guys are the best, and I wanted to share a bit of my gaming year with y’all. It’s worse than last time. Like actually worse.


The Walking Dead (Season 1)

I’m proud of this one! I think I have a better attention span for episodic games. Either that, or they’re just shorter. I had a great time with TWD; the characters were memorable and lovable, especially Clementine, who has a special place in my heart now. Lee was a great protagonist, and I really do admire his judgement in all the tricky spots he was put in. Yes, I was technically controlling him, but only to the end that I got to choose possible decisions he would have already decided on. If it was really me, I would have flown me and Clementine straight out of that city. Kidding, I just would have died.

We Know The Devil


This game is weird, guys. Seriously weird. It’s a visual novel of sorts, where you control a group of 3 misfit kids at a summer camp. Without giving too much away, encouraging the friendship between 2 always ends up alienating the third. Oh, not to mention that the devil is involved. Don’t play this game with the lights off.

Okay, those are really the only games I finished in 2016. Queue applause.

Of course, I played a handful more than I finished. Of the games that I finished at least 55% of, my favorites are definitively: 1) Dishonored, 2) Mass Effect 2, 3) Dropsy… Probably others? My steam isn’t showing me any others. I really suck at playing games.


If you’re wondering where all my time went, it was, unsurprisingly, still in Skyrim. I hate(love) that game, and my 266 hours spent playing it.

Happy New Year Guys!

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