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E3 2019 is only a week away and there’s plenty to be excited about going into this years show. Sure, Sony won’t be attending this year, but we’ve still got everyone else and even Square Enix is getting in on the fun with an actual conference. Now, I’m not here to make predictions for once. This article is entirely about the games I can’t wait to see and learn more about. Some games I’m excited for have, unfortunately, already been confirmed to NOT appear, such as Skull & Bones and Beyond Good & Evil 2, but the list is long enough as it is so taking two or three off works out just fine. So lets get started!

1) Halo Infinite

Publisher: Microsoft/Xbox Game Studios

Developer: 343 Industries & SkyBox Labs

Platforms: Xbox One & PC

Release Date: TBA(Rumored 2020, Confirmed flexible if a delay is deemed necessary.)


Halo is one of my all time favorite franchises and even though Halo 5 left a bad taste in my mouth, I’m still excited for Halo Infinite(Halo 6). There are a number of reasons why. From a return to a more classic-inspired art style to the brand new Slipspace Engine that’s powering the game, finally replacing the aging BLAM! Engine that all previous Halo games were developed on(Though it has been confirmed that bits and pieces of BLAM! are still part of the new engine.). There are plenty of rumors about what Halo Infinite is going to be, mainly regarding whether or not its an open world game(Please no.) and if it incorporates RPG elements(Again, please no.).

At this years E3, the games new Slipspace Engine will be getting an on-stage demonstration, and we’ll likely get a new trailer to go with it. The rumors will hopefully be put to bed and we’ll have a clearer idea of what kind of game Halo Infinite actually is, and I can’t wait to see it.

2) Gears of War 5

Publisher: Microsoft/Xbox Game Studios

Developer: The Coalition

Platforms: Xbox One & PC

Release Date: 2019(Rumored September 10th)

I’ve been a big Gears of War fan since the original and I refuse to drop the “of War” part of the name because it just sounds cooler than just plain “Gears.” But at the end of the day that doesn’t matter. I loved Gears of War 4 and I’ve been looking forward to the second chapter in The Coalition’s new trilogy(Or what I assume is a trilogy.) for the past two and a half years. While I was shocked that they decided to put Kait front and center for Gears of War 5 instead of established protagonist JD Fenix, it is not unpleasant at all considering she has a very interesting character arc to look forward given the revelations of her heritage. As long as the story shows us what JD and Marcus are up to from time to time, and what the hell happened between Gears of War 4 & 5 since JD looks like he’s been through some weird shit and his relationship with Kait seems to have taken a bad turn, I’ll be content.


One thing I’m hoping to see is just how far Unreal Engine 4 has come and if the PC version of Gears of War 5 will incorporate DirectX Ray Tracing in some capacity.

3) Star Wars: Jedi - Fallen Order

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Respawn Entertainment

Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, & PC

Release Date: November 15th, 2019

EA’s handling of the Star Wars license has been, by all accounts, absolutely terrible. While the Battlfront games are great in theory, the end result often ends up not being quite what we wanted, and that’s all we’ve gotten from EA up until this point. With Bioware in their stable you would think that remaking Knights of the Old Republic, one of the greatest Star Wars games ever made, would make a lot of sense, but such a thing was never greenlit and even a reboot or sequel was shot down. So now we’re getting Jedi: Fallen Order from the developers of Titanfall, and they’ve been given complete autonomy over the project and what we’ve learned so far makes the game sound just like what fans, myself included, have been clamoring for. Singleplayer only, action adventure, no loot boxes or microtransactions, it’s perfect. But obviously I want to see gameplay, I want to see more of the story, I want even more of a reason to put money down on this game. It’s really the only thing EA has right now that I want.


4) Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Publisher: Microsoft/Xbox Game Studios

Developer: Moon Studios

Platforms: Xbox One & PC

Release Date: 2019

I admit, I’ve never been super big on platformers. Every now and again I find one that I can really get into, such as the first Ori and Dust: An Elysian Tail. Since I loved the first Ori, naturally I’m super excited for the sequel. The art looks fantastic, the gameplay looks great, and by all accounts the soundtrack sounds like it’s gonna be just as amazing. There isn’t much to say about this one.


5) The Outer Worlds

Publisher: Private Division

Developer: Obsidian Entertainment

Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, & PC

Release Date: 2019

Fallout 76 was an utter disappointment, Fallout 4 was ok, but not quite what I was hoping for after Fallout 3. This is not the same developer, obviously, but the praise gamers throw at Fallout: New Vegas makes me feel like if anyone can challenge Bethesda, it’s Obsidian. Everything I’ve seen so far of the games has made me laugh and interested in the possibilities. I’m eager to find out more about the game before I actually get my hands on it.


6) Astral Chain

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Platinum Games

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Release Date: August 30th, 2019

I can’t really think of a game that Platinum has made that I didn’t like and the games are always aesthetically pleasing. Astral Chain is no different and when the trailer first dropped during this past February’s Nintendo Direct, my jaw hit the floor. It looks gorgeous, it looks fast, and fun, and the story has me interested. Best part is it’s on Nintendo Switch so I can play it wherever I go. Just show me more Nintendo, please!


7) Final Fantasy VII Remake

Publisher: Square Enix

Developer: Square Enix

Platform: PlayStation 4(Timed Exclusivity)

Release Date: TBA(Rumored late 2019)

Square Enix has a conference this year, an actual one, not a video presentation like last year, and now know exactly why. Square is planning a blowout for Final Fantasy VII at this years E3, and in Sony’s absence, Square has decided to put on their own show. While they’ll definitely have other games at their conference(Marvel’s The Avengers for one.), Final Fantasy VII Remake is undoubtedly the star of the show. Having played the original, I’m hyped to see this modern reimagining even if it is split into parts.


8) Cyberpunk 2077

Publisher: CD Projekt Red

Developer: CD Projekt Red

Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation, & PC

Release: TBA

Cyberpunk 2077 feels like a dream. You want it to come out, but you also don’t want it to end. Every time we learn something new the game just sounds better and better, and with no promised release date, CD Projekt Red can take as much time as they need to make the game the best it can be. Making a wishlist of features is pretty much pointless because CD’s already got their own wishlist which pretty much seems to be bigger than mine and they’ve already ticked all my boxes for me. Well, except one, and it might be asking a bit much, but I’m hoping that, like with Gears of War 5, the developers include some implementation of DirectX Ray Tracing for the PC version. Gears of War 5 was more because they can, but in the case of Cyberpunk, a part of me feels it’s more essential. With all the puddles, metal, and neon lights, ray tracing could really enhance the atmosphere of the game regardless of how taxing it is(And by the time the game releases, we should be on or close to the second generation of ray tracing capable GPU’s.). CD Projekt Red expressed interest in the tech, but did not confirm at the time whether or not it would be implemented in Cyberpunk.


#9) DOOM Eternal

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Developer: Id Software

Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, & PC

Release Date: TBA

DOOM is great, not because the story or lore is good, but because brutalizing demons has never been more satisfying. Based on the gameplay demo for DOOM Eternal, there are more ways to maim and kill, and there are twice the amount of demons to subject to the Doom Slayer’s rage. As long as DOOM Eternal is more of what made DOOM 2016 as good as it was, I’ll be happy. As much as I wanted to ask yet again for ray tracing support, and I’ll probably sound like a broken record at this rate, I don’t think DOOM will get it. Even though Wolfenstein did, it makes more sense in a way. DOOM loves its atmosphere and that atmosphere is very carefully crafted. A part of me could actually see ray tracing being bad in this singular case if not handled properly. Either way, I can’t wait for this game and I need to see more. It’s about the only thing Bethesda has in the pipeline that I want aside from Starfield and TESVI which are years out still and won’t be at the show.



Okay, I half lied when I said there would be no predictions. I’m rolling my anticipated titles and my most wanted reveals into a single article. Two birds with one stone as they say. Some of these may get a bit crazy or wishful, but this is E3 and sometimes the magic does happen here.


#1) Persona Remakes


Persona has always been a somewhat popular series, but it wasn’t until Persona 5 that the series more or less crossed into the mainstream as one of the biggest names in JRPG’s. You could argue that it brought in a lot of new fans who may not have access to older platforms to play the previous entries in the series. For games like these, remasters may not be enough. It was already hinted at a few years ago that the models used for Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight had significance beyond that game, and the only obvious use for those models would be a remake of Persona 3, and since Persona 4 also has HD models ready to go, a remake of Persona 4 wouldn’t be out of the question either. But what if we got remakes of Revelations: Persona and the Persona 2 Duology? They’re quite different from the newer entries, but they have a die hard following and I admit I’m interested in revisiting these games and seeing their stories unfold, but a newer coat of paint would certainly go a long way.

#2) Shin Ryu Ga Gotoku/Shin Yakuza


The Yakuza series is bigger than ever these days, it’s being brought to PC one game at a time, and the spin-off title Judgment is getting close to its North American release. What better time to finally reveal Shin Yakuza than E3? Granted, Sony isn’t attending, and like Persona, Yakuza is a series that has long associated itself with Sony exclusively, only dipping into Nintendo waters for spin-offs. But with the recent move to PC, Yakuza making its way to Xbox isn’t entirely out of the question, or just getting a trailer drop without a conference appearance.

Bonus: Yakuza Remasters Head West & Yakuza Ishin Localization

With the current generation Yakuza games all localized and released, and with the first three chronological games released on PC, the next obvious step is to bring the remasters of Yakuza 3, 4, & 5 to the US for PlayStation 4 and pave the way for their eventual PC releases. At the same time, fans have been clamoring for years to get a localization of Yakuza Ishin which Sega has never ruled out.


#3) Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Remake


It feels weird to be expecting a second remake only a few months after the release of the previous one, two years after the last mainline entry was released, and BEFORE the release of the next numbered installment, but here we are. Capcom has teased it, its existence has been leaked a billion times over, lets just get it over with already. I’ve never played Resident Evil 3, but I’m still excited for this because I thought Resident Evil 2 Remake was fantastic.

#4) Yoko Taro Remasters


Prior to NieR: Automata, the name Yoko Taro was an obscure one. If you liked his games, you knew him. If you’d never heard of his games or played them, you didn’t know him. Now everyone and their mother knows Yoko Taro and he’s now one of the biggest names at Square Enix. Square should take this opportunity and capitalize on his name. Remastering both the original NieR and the Drag-On Dragoon/Drakengard series makes some kind of sense.

#5) Asura’s Wrath Remastered


Look, it’s one of my all time favorite games, just let a man dream would ya?

#6) Fable Reboot


Microsoft is not known for their RPG’s, but once upon a time they did have one. Sadly, after multiple failures the series was put on ice and the developer shuttered. I thought Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable II were great games. Fable III had potential, but ultimately just did not deliver. Fable: The Journey was a spin-off we didn’t ask for, even if it was neat at the time. Fable Legends on the other hand no one asked for and not many that I know of actually wanted it. A lot of people, myself included, what a Molyneaux-less Lionhead to make a proper Fable IV for the Xbox One, and we didn’t get that. Eventually Microsoft canned Legends and closed Lionhead. For the last few years, rumors have been that Playground Games(Developers of Forza Horizon) new second team is working on a reboot of Fable, though what systems it’s destined for are unknown. Hopefully we’ll get an official reveal at this years E3, even if it just ends up being a logo.

#7) Anything Valve


When it comes to making new games, Valve has been relatively uninterested in the past decade. A lot of their big IP’s stopped before reaching a number that is greater than two, but less than four. But it’s not exactly like Valve has been doing nothing all these years. We know that the Source 2 Engine was developed in this time, and Valve has been extremely interested in VR technology. So much so that they partnered with HTC to develop the Vive, and now have gone and made the Valve Index and its Index Controllers all by themselves. If you don’t think they have any games in development that will take full advantage of the hardware Valve themselves have made, you’re probably wrong. While it would suck to have to buy a VR headset and controllers just to play Valve’s new games, the possibilities are certainly intriguing. Look no further than demo’s of Stress Level Zero’s VR title “Boneworks” for the potential of physics-based VR platformers. I imagine it won’t be much longer until we see Half-Life 3, Portal 3, Left 4 Dead 3, or Team Fortress 3. The real question is: When and where? E3 maybe? Who knows.

#8) Nintendo


I’m using a blanket title here because there’s just far too many things to list. I’d love remasters of Luigi’s Mansion 1 & 2 for Switch, I’d love to finally get that Metroid Prime Trilogy release, perhaps a bunch of HD Zelda titles, maybe even Pokemon Colosseum HD. A new F-Zero game would be great as well, possibly a new Pikmin. There’s so much Nintendo could do, but odds are, Nintendo won’t do any of it. And as much as I want that rumored Switch Pro to be revealed(I call it the Super Nintendo Switch), Nintendo has already confirmed they will not be talking about new hardware at E3, although they didn’t outright deny the claims either so I guess I’ll take that consolation prize.

#9) Watch_Dogs 3


I loved Watch Dogs. The concept of controlling a lot of things with the simple push of a button was neat and while the graphics weren’t what they could have been, they still looked good. So naturally, I can’t wait to see how the third installment moves the series forward. That being said, we have no idea if it’ll show up this year, and if it does, I’m hoping they’ve decided to just do non-lethal attacks in addition to the hacking. It felt off in Watch Dogs 2 to be playing a hacktivist who shoots and kills people. It made sense in the first game, but just felt a bit off in the second game. Might as well just ditch the shooting for the third game, really make the game unique.

#10) Mass Effect Trilogy & Dragon Age: Origins Remasters


To say that Bioware’s golden years are done is an understatement. To say that Inquisition wasn’t as good as Origins isn’t too big a stretch, and to say that Andromeda was not exactly what Mass Effect fans were hoping for is very accurate. If EA wants free money, if EA wants some good will from fans, remastering these games is a good start. I know EA doesn’t like remasters, but they did Burnout Paradise so the doors are now open. In the case of the Mass Effect Trilogy, they could be upgraded from Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 4 which comes with a host of automatic graphics upgrades including out of the box DXR support.

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