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So, good evening everyone. How's it going? Enjoying your mid-September days? Thrilled about GTAV? I know I am! I seriously can't describe how hyped I am about this game. Heh, it's been a while since I was this excited about something like this, with the last one being somewhat of a disappointment . . . But anyways, onto the topic of the night: The Internet. Hence the Rage Face title image, and the following meme. Because shameless self-promotion. Technically.

And I'm not forcing that meme nearly as much as I'd like to . . . Anyways, yea, we're gonna talk about the internet. It's a Friday Thursday night, and we can afford to go wild, right? So, we've all been here for a while, right? Surfing le interwebz, looking at gifs and killing time in pointless ways and all that. At this point, we've come to accept certain things, and maybe even totally embrace them . . . Like, I never expected to find myself searching for gifs to communicate with, and then categorize and organize them in my documents. But, I guess things change, and now I've become TAY's official tsundere . . . How'd that happen, anyways?? Ahem- so yea, internet. What's something you still have trouble wrapping your mind around? I mean, even the most seasoned veteran of the net has moments where they stop and think "Wait, what? Why is this a thing??"

Oh, and here's this gif of Russian cops being badass.

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