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Attack of the goddamn fuckin’ spoilers.

Y’know, if there’s one thing I hate about the internet, it’s the constant barrage of spoilers. Anything (And I fuckin’ mean anything) that has any sort of hype will have spoilers to beat the band. The biggest offender right now is, of course, the new Avengers movie. I’ve been trying to dodge ‘em since the movie started shooting, and it’s goddamn near impossible.


It’s unbelievable. At the time of this writing, the movie has about a half hour til midnight screenings. I’d be going to one, but early morning work means no. At this point, I feel like any plot point that would’ve been worth the price of admission has been spoiled, and now, it’s simply watching it for the action. Feels bad, man. It’s getting so bad it’s almost like one would have to literally hide underground in order to enjoy a movie or game completely spoiler-free. I would really prefer for a franchise that has earned a good reputation to just show the logo, the release date, and that’d be that. but that isn’t gonna happen, so i’m just gonna be friggin’ miserable about this topic forever. Anyway, question time

What’s the biggest thing you were looking forward to, only to have some bastard spoil it for you?

Discuss this, or love, life, games, whatever.


Talk amongst yourselves.

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