I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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The Graveyard Shift

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Decided to get around 100%’ing Ground Zeroes, since I apparently lack all kinds of self control. Did GZ, the Classified Intel Acquisition mission, and also the one where you extract Kojima. All, 0-kills, 0-alerts (at least in the ones that matter), and the total stealth, no kill bonus. And then I decided to take on Eliminate The Renegade threat. Which, I also ended up clearing with an S rank, 0-kills, and 0-alerts. Just like nobody’s business. But whatever, veteran MGS player and all that, it all comes to me naturally, right?

What’s really amusing, is hearing Ner have a hard time with Ground Zeroes =3 It’s cute and endearing. And well, she’s never really been a fan of stealth, unlike me. So there’s no blaming her. That said, I’m sure that given the chance, I could totally wipe the floor with her if I ever needed to out-sneak her~ So, that got me thinking.


What’s that one thing you’re realllly fucking good at in games, and just have a knack at, and love being a show off about? I apparently SUCK at dogfighting, and flying in general apparently, since every time my brother walks in the room and watches me play Ace Combat, he gets mad and starts couching me.

Video is absolutely related.

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