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Ready to burst through your door and traumatize your childhood, it’s the GS with your Friday Night cryptkeeper, JB! Speaking of childhood trauma, this scene guys, this scene. Horror movies rarely ever affected me as a kid, and I was able to laugh off most of Jason’s shennanigans or Freddy’s work. But this scene in Ghostbusters guaranteed I was a kid who refused to go to sleep if the hall light was still on. Even today, if I see light pouring in around the frame of the door, my first thought is “Great, I’m about to be attacked by Zuul.”.

Which brings us to tonight’s topic. What scenes/areas/levels from otherwise funny or silly games/films/shows managed to get to you far more than you had initially planned? Any game or film manage to traumatize your childhood self, or would had it been released at the time?

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Too much of a badass to be traumatized by movies and games? None of the alternate topics ‘doing it” for you? Talk about most anything you’d like in the comments below! And remember to have a great weekend, one and all!