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Welcome boils and ghouls to another Friday Night edition of the Graveyard Shift, hosted by your friendly neighborhood cryptkeeper, JB! And what a week it was. E3 came and went, kicking the internet into high gear with some much anticipated titles and a few surprises. And to think I almost quit paying attention after the Fallout 4 announcement.


I did notice, once again, a glaring lack of superhero titles. This isn’t even just on E3 though. With the exceptions of the upcoming Arkham Knight and the already released Disney Infinity, superhero games have seemingly disappeared. What was the last one before these? Amazing Spider-Man 2? Where are the Avengers? Daredevil? Guardians of the Galaxy? I realize licensed games don’t have a good history, but it really sucks that the closest I could get to a Daredevil game is playing a Batman Arkham game and pretending he’s blind. Does Marvel just have an aversion to even trying?

So, I guess tonight’s topic is wishlists. What are some of the properties that haven’t ever even been considered for a game, probably never will be, but by Crom you want it anyways?

Not thrilled with this topic? JB’s here for ya. Submitted for the approval of The Midnight Society:

Talk about these, or forget them entirely and discuss whatever is on your mind in the comments below!

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