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They went and changed the format of things again, didn’t they? Ugh, and for some reason, I can be typing OK one second, and the moment I hit any key that’s not for typing, everything freezes and I can’t type anymore and have to click on the screen. Wow. This is actually really annoying seeing how I backspace often, and now apparently can’t, but whatever.


HOW IS EVERYONE!? How u guise doin’? Me? Enjoying the thick humid heat of summer, and grinding my ass off in Peace Walker. I can’t believe I actually went through the entire series in a little over a month. Even PW’s main story, I got through in what seems like a week, just like the rest of the games. Granted, I just finished my summer classes and have significantly more free time, but still. And you know what? I think tI’m just going to cut it shrshort and leave in typos just sto show you guys how iwhat it looks like with all these typing interrinterruptions that Kinja’s making

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