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Tonight’s Topic: Tunnel Vision

I’ve been more of a ghost this past month, barely checking in posting once every while. I even missed my GY shift a time or two. What can I say I’m either too distracted by WoW or too busy with school work. I’ve got tunnel vision bad! for those who don’t know.


Tunnel Vision -

the tendency to focus exclusively on a single or limited goal or point of view.

Tunnel Vision is never really a good thing and I’d like to avoid it, but it’s just too hard to turn away. I keep saying I’ll do this and do that, but it’s always gets put off due to exam prep or it’s a raid night, etc.

Ever had that tunnel vision feel? Was there a light at the end of that tunnel?

So talk amongst yourselves, The Graveyard Shift is open for business.

Tunes for the night:

Shadow Warrior 2 - Full OST

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