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I’ve recently finished Mass Effect: Andromeda. Having seen all the stuff leading up to the game, I was a bit wary. After playing and finishing it, I can say that the game was genuinely fun. The game reminded me so much of the very first game. So much so, that I’m now playing through the series again.


The original Mass Effect is still very fun to play...unless your an adept. Having played Adept post-ME1 makes playing Adept in ME1, frustrating. Let me explain. The Adept is the primary biotic class, biotics being the “force” powers. You can toss people around like it’s the Force Unleashed basically. In Mass Effect 2 and beyond, biotics were re-tuned. The biotics would track, cooldowns were reduced etc. In the original, abilities, both biotics and tech, had long cooldowns, and you had to have line of sight for them to work. Now that wouldn’t be too bad, if it wasn’t for the fact Adepts are limited to Pistols. Pistols dont’ really become effective until the higher levels, more or less until you can get the HMWP VII. They are not meant for fighting waves of enemies. Lucky for me, Origin had my save in the cloud from when I last played though the game with an Infiltrator. Therefore I was able to add the Sniper Rifle proficiency to my Adept. If it was only more like this.

But it doesn’t really matter much since I can have my 2 bestest buddies fighting with me through the entire trilogy. My best bro, Garrus, and my best gal, Tali. If they do continue on the Andromeda story, I really hope my newest best buds, Vetra & Drack return to kick more Kett butt.


Ever play any of the Mass Effect series? What class is your favourite? How bout your squadmates of choice?

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