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The Graveyard Shift *2014 Edition - Over All Enthusiasm?

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Hey natives! Its Monday night, and the work week is just getting started. But don't feel down, there are only 91 days left in 2013, and then nothing...Oh LOOK! ITS THE Monday Brunch - Week of 9/(30-7)-9/30 By Astro! Check it out mang!

A Graveyard Shift Announcement : We have a new lineup, and plenty of new folks who maybeish make special appearances! THANK YOU :')


Tonight's Shift...Over All Enthusiasm?

So, yes we are almost done with2013, and there are still some released to look forward. I know for a fact some of you (like 75%) are gawking at Pokemon Y and X. Needless to say the console launches that are coming in November. Then there is Battlefield 4, and South Park: The Stick of Truth (I am surprised it has not been yet released...)


But looking forward into next year....A you can probably tell, I am looking forward to Destiny. But what is your over all enthusiasm as this year slowly come to a close? Its not over yet, by quite a number of days, but has it been an good year? Is that too much of an open ended question? What did you have for lunch? Had some chicken, and almost burned myself >_>;

Is there anything you are looking forward in 2013 besides the consoles or next year?


Well can't say it has been a disappointing one, but missing out in some of the fun, since GTA V is not on my shelve >.> But anyway, I fell I rambled long enough, and so feel free to ignore all of the above in a fashionable manner, please keep you hands in the vehicle at all times, and talk about life, games, and the fact we're traveling at 1,332,000 kilometers an hour...so yeah hands please (・へ・)



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