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The Graveyard Shift *2080s Edition - "The Apocalypse had an Apocalypse"

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[Art by Andy Belanger Edit: image is Vietnam War II]

Tonight's Shift..."From the toxic ashes of Vietnam War II "

Hello everyone, hope you all had a adequate to above average weekend! If not hopefully tonight's over the top will do it for you ^^' So we are going to the future of the future of the year 2013. That is when the standalone Blood Dragon for Far Cry 3 hit us with a dose of good o'l 80s over the top style, that you just can't hate to love. Because don't you just love over the top stuff? Like soooo over the top and cheesy, it's awesome? Also neon purple, and pink laser <3


Its like all kind of Robocop having a kid with Snake Plissken, and was abandon to be raised by wolfs. Only those wolfs turned out to be a butt load of explosions. Don't quote me on that.

So for tonight off topic of a topic is, What kind of over the top stuff do you love to play/watch?Is it the guilty please of actions 80s films? Dat music? OR the overdone amount of swearing? Well whatever it is feel free to talk about renegade life styles, and conditioned playtime you might be going through. Either way TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES!


"The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for your jadedness"

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