I'm really feeling it!

Hello all, I don't know you, and odds are, you probably don't know me. Buuuut, as for now, I've been tasked over the first 2 friday TAYard shifts of each month. Until I inevitably abuse my power and get the boot.

Kidding, that probably won't happen.

A little about me. I've been gaming since my mom gave me my first console at the tender age of 2 (NES, when Nintendo didn't consistently jerk around their audience...) I'm an amateur writer with 6 scripts under his belt, Currently underemployed, and am currently setting the world on fire in the fields of procrastinating on the things I need to do. Long term, I'd like to be the next Kevin smith, with just enough money to where I'd never have to do any kind of actual labor again.


So, that's it, at least on my end. Hmmm, Question time.

With E3 quickly approaching, What title are you looking to be announced or teased?

Ah, there we go. Oh yeah, have some weekend music.



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