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The Graveyard Shift *Activities Edition - Summer is Coming...

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Tonight’s Shift’s... Summer Things, and Summer treats!

Don’t feel like waiting for the June 21st solstice, SUMMER IS ALREDY HERE!

And with that comes seasonal eats, and with the snow particaly gone we can finally venture into the outside world...


Or not.

One thing about living below the Potomac is that it gets hot, unbearably, unbearably HOT!

But on the sunny side of things, it’s ideal weather for all sort of cold treats; ice coffe, ice cream (but let face it you eaten it during winter just to be a rebel, and stick to nature’s face), raspadias, cold pizza, and more ice cream?

Anyways for those of you coming out of hibernation from your humble hovels, and without any snow left, za warudo is yours. So maybe when it get more cloudy I will be able to go see the trees and other flora bloom at the local park I go run to.


But surely some of yous are looking foward to all that... right?

  • Summer is almost here, but already here for some of us. So what summer activities are you looking forward to as the snow is finally gone? Just being able to get to your car? Being able to get to work without worrying about siding into your doom? Maybe you get to use that pool? Or maybe you just don’t like the fact there ain’t no A/C outside...

Or are you missing the snow?

But whatever it is, as always feel free to ignore my rambling, and talk about whatever your heart desires below.



Image by BBrangka


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