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The Graveyard Shift: Addiction Edition

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So TAY... I’ve noticed a bit of a worrying trend where I completely disregard the cost of things I’m buying even if buying in excess... Take for example the New 3DS with those fancy removable face plates. Last friday it released to us lowly North Americans with a catch... It was bundled with Happy Home Designer, (Whose name is a lie because I am never happy when designing these homes T.T especially that Tom Nook who may or may not be sleeping with the fishes) a game which I never had any intention of playing.


Even though I own a New 3DSXL already and haven’t touched my 3ds since I went on my 400 something odd hour monster hunter binge I decided to pick one up. Now it wasn’t much of a problem for me because I had worked a ton of overtime the previous week and had a bit of extra cash to burn, that is until I decided the Animal Crossing face plates suck. Now a week later I have 4 sets of face plates being imported at a pricey 30 bucks a set on average( don’t mock me my deals guy is on vacation in california T.T) and show no sign of stopping in my quest for face plates.

So the question for the night is: Have you ever bought something that has customization features only to let it get out of hand, or ever told yourself “I’ll just buy one of these things and that’s it” only to find yourself drowning in said things later? *cough* animal crossing amiibo cards *cough* If you think this topic really sucks or just want to talk about something else don’t let the door hit you on the way out! feel free to graveyard amongst yourselves~!


PS if I stop responding its because I ran out of money buying face plates and Time Warner decided to shut down my internet. Or I have been evicted and am currently traveling with a box full of faceplates...

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