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Tonight’s Topic: Why was this so much easier as a child?

For the past month I’ve been doing the new job/new place/new city thing, and what’s really starting to sink in is the fact that I have exactly zero friends living within an hour of me. Friends in other cities, states, or even countries are of course fantastic, but sometimes you just need an irl hug, a wingman by your side to navigate the happening nightlife scene in your somewhat depressingly small town, or at the very least someone to split the pizza delivery bill with. The question is, how exactly does one go about making friends as an adult? Co-workers seem to be a solid option, but that’s sort of a crapshoot. I suppose advice like “take a cooking/pottery/birdwatching course” or “join a Quidditch league because pride is clearly no obstacle” is perfectly reasonable, but what if your main hobbies are solo activities that revolve around sitting in your apartment gaming, reading, and writing? Having friends that you’ve known since college/high school/elementary school/the womb is all well and good, bully for you, but how does one go about making friends from scratch as an adult?


How have you gone about making new friends as a grown up? Or are you in the same boat as I am? Do you live on the central California coast? DO YOU WANT TO BE MY NEW BEST FRIEND? No? Ahem. Well, whatever you want to discuss, The Graveyard Shift is now in session!

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