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The Graveyard Shift *Anger Edition - Modern Day Achilles

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Tonight’s Shift... An Angry Tribute To Ancient Times

Dummo about you, but if I woke up chained and naked I would be irritated, then mad when the demonized Doctor tried to take a bite out of me. But angry about being in a facility going through a demonic energy meltdown? Nah, I would really want to get the hell out of there actually.


But Doom guy is pissed.

Unleashing a fury upon demons of hell who kept him locked up because they could not kill him. PURE ANGER kept him going >_>

What I am talking about, and what’s the point of all that you may be thinking? Well anger! Or Doom whichever you choose.

As in what sets you off? Because for some reason the only thing that begins to make me angry/irritated is the awful drivers of Florida. And that time when my brother and I could not beat Devil in Tekken 2, holly crap those where some salty tears shed because of that bastard.

  • So, what makes you angry? Is it the small things or big mishaps? Has there been a particular game that you just had to beat even though it was aggravating as hell because laser attacks are bullshit in a fighter? Or maybe you’re the Buddha...
  • Or we can talk Doom if you want...

But as always feel free to introduce yourselves, talk about life, other games, and totally ignore me... I will not hold it against you =^)



“The Graveyard Shift is not responsible for BEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!“

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