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Hello TAYter Tots! How's everyone doing today? Nach here covering for TUT, he's somewhere in AZ probably being chased by wild pack of dogs being led by Chihuahuas, See that thing up there... I just got it in the mail from Nintendo as one of their rewards from Club Nintendo ^^; I've been looking for an accessory for my 3DSXL for a while now but never found any that would please my eyes... plus most of the cases would add a lot of bulk to the already huge XL...


I'm pretty happy with this one, but moments after ordering I thought to myself I should have ordered the pink one >.< I would match perfectly with my Pikachu 3DS!

Oh well.... so my fellow TAYter Tots, have you bought any accessory, only to realize you could have gone for a different version/color of it moments after the order was processed?

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