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The Graveyard Shift *Anticipation Edition*

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Hello everybody and welcome to the Graveyard Shift Anticipation Edition. This is the last Graveyard Shift I’ll be writing before the PS4 comes out! Next Friday the PS4 will be hitting shelves, and I’ll be picking it up most likely at midnight that day. I’m so excited I can hardly wait! Good thing I have it all paid off though, it’s also the day my tuition is due to my school. My poor wallet! Once that’s done with though I’ll be done with payments for the semester! Hooray! So yeah, back on topic, I’ll probably put up whatever it is the topic for the Graveyard Shift is going to be and sporadically check in with it next Friday, but suffice it to say, I’ll be pretty busy. ^^

I’ve been longingly looking at my copy of Killzone since it arrived in my local Gamestop (yes I know boo, hiss Gamestop is bad, but I’m on a super tight budget most of the time and don’t have a PC so it’s the only way I can afford to game as I like). I cannot contain the fabulous excitement any longer, all aboard the hype train woooooooooo! I’m not fanboying that much though, I’m kinda disappointed about the restrictions on Vita’s remote play capabilities, although I had a feeling that it would be limited to the same wireless network. (It’s not by the way, Sony’s just saying the connection’s not going to be strong enough to play games without lag most of the time.) It’s dashed my hopes of playing PS4 games while waiting for class to start on my Vita though. ;_; What are you guys anticipating?

As The Gods Will - The Second Series, is super bloody, super interesting!

On another topic, I’ve really started to pick up manga again thanks to the Crunchyroll SimulPub service, I’ve read a few really good series on it so far, and one not so good. I’ve been enjoying UQ Holder although it’s really weird to see Ken Akamatsu do straight shonen rather than romance/shonen or just romance. It’s also a quasi sequel to Negima. As The Gods Will Second Series is pretty darn enthralling, I read all forty-one available chapters yesterday. I haven’t read the first series, so I don’t know how related they are, but you don’t need to I followed along just so far. Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches is also pretty entertaining, I’ve found that I’m much more tolerant of this sort of manga than when its in anime form. I wonder why? Any manga you guys are really enjoying right now?


Art by Charlie Romero (daaayumn)

Oh so I’ve been pretty absent this week, sorry! I had a ton of exams this week at school so it’s been hard to sit down and write for TAY, but I’m allll finished now, so I’ll be back with a vengeance next week :3 I finally finished the Elite Four in Pokemon X this week too! Super happy about that, oh and Xerneas makes the Elite Four a cake walk, seriously though Fairy types can be used to wreck 3 of the Elite Four + Champion. I also was the beneficiary of a whole bunch of pokemon from a friend who traded his back in after he beat the Elite Four and all the post game content. So I have all the Megas and Legendaries now :D Are you all still playing pokemon?


Oh so don’t feel like you have to talk about any of these topics, please just TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES!

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