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The Graveyard Shift - Art Style Zaniness

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Woah! Welcome to the first Graveyard Shift by yours truly, Sylverfyst. Mwahahahaha! You’re all doomed now, just kidding (maybe), I’m probably going to be absent until I get to the train station after my physics lab this evening so I’m expecting a healthy dose of zaniness until then :P

I’ve been watching a ton of anime and playing a bunch of games recently and maybe it’s the influence of the anime, but something has affected the way I’ve been enjoying games recently. It’s art style. I’ve found that more than gameplay, more than story, more than the actual quality of the graphics the actual style of the art has been the deciding factor in my enjoyment of games. Don’t get me wrong, the gameplay and the story are still extremely important, but a unique art style pushes it over the edge. Take Windwaker for example the unique pastel painting style of the game has been astounding and made me feel like I was in a surrealist painting and it was super unique and fun. I wish I had a Wii U to play that game again in glorious HD.


Another game I’ve been fond of as of late is Valkriya Chronicles, man what a gorgeous art style. Killer is dead actually turned me off of it because of it’s art style, so it goes both ways I guess.


What are your favorite art styles in games?

Or lets talk about Hockey, the Devils got shut out last night, but still played well


Or maybe the new season of anime starting this week, what impressions have you guys had so far?

I’ll leave you guys to TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES but first here’s the song that’s been running through my head all day:

The Graveyard shift is not responsible for your late night procrastination, sudden fabulousness, moderate ventriloquism, lack of speech, and the overwhelming sense of ::swoon::

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