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Well hello there. Name's TUT, and I'm totally doing this last second. The reason I am, though, is cause I was actually busy fixing some stuff and getting my summer class schedule all set and ready. Fun stuff. It helps a lot that my college is currently undergoing extensive renovations in the parking area since they're building a new performing arts auditorium for whatever reason. Meaning, if you need to stop by the place to register for classes and such . .you're gonna have a bad time finding where to leave your car. Simply put, I had to leave it in a lot nearby the bowling alley, in a somewhat residential area where I wasn't sure whether it was cool or not to leave my car there. "Oh my god, T, you got your car towed? How tragic". Yeaaaa, no. BUT, I thought I would, and that's all that matters.


We're all superstitious here, right? We all knock on wood, avoid cracks in the sidewalk and are extra careful handling mirrors and shit, right? Ok, well, one of the biggest things I do for some reason, is jokingly call out plausible bad stuff ahead of time before it can happen, in order to avoid said misfortune. Why? Because karma's a bitch, and hates you so you know for sure bad stuff's gonna happen. Karma is *also* quite fickle, though, and won't do stuff that you've already foreseen, because then it's not as fun to watch your face twist in anguish once you realize your car's been vandalized or towed. No, it'll instead deliver divine punishment via finding a corpsefied racoon in your trunk, or maybe have some hobos break into it when they're in the mood, or aliens, or something. Point is, karma likes surprises.

So what about you guys? Any weird quirks you do out of personal superstition?

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