It's 9 o clock. The old grandfather clock in your living room chimes and from outside comes a ruckus. It's time. The graveyard shift has arrived......and you're on duty tonight. Welcome one, welcome all to tonight's very own Graveyard Shift. The late night forum for Kotaku's very own reader run blog - TAY. Feel free to follow along as we delve into the psyche of our favorite super heroes or toss caution to the wind and talk about whatever tickles your fancy.

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The name of the game tonight is super hero fantasies. Yes, those kind of fantasies. So I have a couple of prompts for us tonight. Starting with the easiest. When I was a kid I used to have a Superman outfit that had a cape on it. I'd wear it all the time because I wanted to be Superman. Then my mom threw it away because she was scared I was going to go to sleep and strangle myself with the cape. That was the only time my mother ever cared.


Which Super Hero did you want to be, growing up? PS. My second choice is Gambit.

Second prompt has to do with your super hero crushes. I never really got into comics. I lived too far away from anything really, let alone a comic shop. My parents also were also down on anything I wanted to do because everything was too non-mainstream and they were scared I would be "weird" or something. Sex sells and I was a teenage boy. So the super heroine I had a major crush on wasssss....


Fairchild come on down. Go figure. Red head. check. Mentally unstable. check. eats a banana in the first issue. check. I'm sorry! I was an impressionable youth!


Did you ever/do you now have a "super hero crush?" Waifu?

And finally if you're feeling extra saucy,

Write a personal ad for your favorite superhero.

If none of these are going to fly (YES!), well then, feel free to talk amongst yourselves!


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And since we're on the topic of love, let's all thank Ramen for this lovely gif