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The Graveyard Shift - Best Badguy

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For the past couple of trips I’ve taken, I’ve pretty much exclusively been playing through the Danganronpa series. I’ve been enjoying the heck out of it thus far. Something about the atmosphere and the struggle between the characters is just... wonderful. Maybe it’s partly cheating because of it being a visual novel, but I rarely get to know characters as well as I did in that game, which made the direction and tone just that much more intense and tragic.


As much as I hate to admit it, the main villain for the entire story is still someone I have such a hard time hating. Don’t get me wrong, the games have lots of “villains,” and certainly not all of them are likable. The one I’m talking about, however, is one of the exceptions. Of course, I’m talking about this magnificent patoot:

He’s legitimately like a perfected version of GLaDOS, and I say that because he had an incredible handicap. GLaDOS seemed much more reserved when she was in power, and never truly hurt anyone in your presence—there were even points where you teamed up for the greater good of “science.” Monokuma is just a horrible little bear, but still manages to be cute and quirky enough to pull it off and make you not hate his guts.

“But Neryl, what does Sol Badguy have to do with this story?” I dunno, I guess he’s just a pretty cool badguy. He fights all the guys and doesn’t afraid of anything. But the topic for the night is: best bad guys. Who are your favorite, most likable villains from recent games, anime, TV, whatever? Perhaps the aforementioned GLaDOS? Maybe you loved Team Rocket? Whatever it is, talk about it down below.


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