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The Graveyard Shift - Binge Entertainment Edition!

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Welcome to another Friday edition of the Graveyard Shift! I actually had this one written last week, but for unseen reasons (me being a doofus) I didn’t get that one posted on time! Ah well C’est La Vie. This week I wanted to talk about a dangerous, dangerous problem with fandom! Binge watching/reading/playing. I found myself in a weird situation recently. I spent a few nights binging on everything I could get my hands on relating to a few different series and completed what they had available within the course of the night, much to the detriment of my sleep time.

The first came after watching the second episode of Yowamushi Pedal, I was so hooked on the cliff hanger of that episode that I went and read the entirety of the available manga chapters. They were fantastic! I loved the whole thing all 70 chapters, and I’ll probably forget about them now until the next time the anime catches up! Why do we do this? Does anyone else do this?

The next time it happened recently was with the manga Nisekoi, and this was worse because I hadn’t seen anything about it before hand just saw it on the main page of my online manga site and got hooked, awesome series btw And I found out it’s getting an anime in January too! Score. It's about two rival gangs heirs having to fake being in love to prevent a gang war, and all sorts of comedy ensues. I'm not one for harem stories usually, but I find this one hysterical for some reason! Maybe because it's really kinda adorable.


Anyways other topics, I got TUT-Senpai gooooood today :P


Hockey is kicking up into gear and getting exciting, but mah team is not doin so well

How goes the pokemans?!

Or talk about anything else too!

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