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So . . . I've been pretty much sick since Friday, right? Came down with this nasty cold, God knows why. Maybe the heat. Maybe the whole "jumping into the pool and taking five quick laps before getting out cause it's still pretty fuckin' cold" thing that happened that same day. Maybe the stress. Who knows. Point is, I haven't been comfortable all week, because every little thing suddenly seems like a pain >.< BUT, I thought of this one dumb little game we could try. One person posts something that's fun, cool, pleasurable, or any positive thing that pertains to it, and then expands on the idea to make it seem like the complete opposite. So like:

Fun: Eating a doughnut.

Not Fun: Eating only a doughnut while driving on the freeway on a hot, sunny day, and your throat is mostly dry and sore from being sick for the past few days.

See? =3

Fun: Spending an hour or so cooking up your favorite meal.

Not Fun: Realize all the ingredients were spoiled and nasty, and now you have food poisoning :D