I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Tonight shift’s... The Cards

Or something like that or you lost your soul in some nightmarish hellish dark void for eternity.


But hopefully you enjoyed an interesting weekend to say the least, as well as past week with your soul intact.

Anyways, found some old card laying around from my old days as little Kluge. It was a Squirtle, and that brought a lot of memories back. Like how our elementary school banned then because FUN was against the establishment, but fuck that, we still traded through our pretend black market.


Also Yu-Gi-Oh, yeah that was big as well, can’t remenber aside from the show how else I got into that. But it was the first card game that I actually played rather than just collected and traded. It was my older brother’s deck against mine, and we used to spend some time like so once in a while. Fun times, fun memories, hilarity because cheating.

So fellow peeps..

  • Any card games you used to play in your wee days as mini you? What’s that? You still do, because to hell with the establishment? OKAY! THEN DO TELL!

But if you don’t that’s cool. As always feel free to ignore my rambling, and talk about, life, games, doritos, and whatever your little hearts desire.


Did anyone else watch SUBomb3?

“The Graveyard Shift is not responsible that”


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