I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Yesterday I re-downloaded five games I gave up on, a horrible decision I know, but hey at least I'm giving all of them a second chance to redeem themselves in my eyes, and in the lapse of 24 hours I've made quite the progress. I've picked up Mass Effect 2 and Shadows of the Colossus because someone around here is bugging the hell out of me... nah not really :P


The changes in Mass Effect 2 still irk me, I decided to restart my file cause I can't remember my actions from two years ago, plus I had the chance to correct a silly mistake I committed in my first run, I also went with Femshep instead of the male counterpart, all I can say is... the game feels fresh! Hopefully I won't abandon it again ^^

Illustration for article titled The Graveyard Shift: Catching Up Pt. II

Regarding Shadow of the Colossus, since I last played the game six months ago, and my experience with the game is still intact I decided not to restart my file, in a matter of a few hours I managed to beat four colossi and looking forward to my last fight in the game! I forgot how wonderful that game is!

So TAY have you ever picked up a game for a second time after giving up on it?

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