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So as all of you peeps know, I got a Wii U like four weeks ago, and been catching up to all the amazing titles I've missed from Nintendo for the last... umm 5 years (maybe?). You see I had a Wii but it died and I never bothered to get another one, I was a bit salty because it was my first Nintendo console to betray me =/ Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid Other M are just a few amongst the mountain of new games I should at least try, not to mention all the new Wii U games. In the 20+ days I've had the console with me, this is how I've spent my time ^^

To no one's surprise, MK8 has been the game I've played the most, but it's been the second game in that small list I've enjoyed the most (Don't get me wrong I love shoving peeps in MK with my ultra lightweight kart *winks at Dyram*). What a wonderful little gem is SM3DW, best Mario game since Super Mario Galaxy <3 I'm totally in love with the style, the music and Captain Toad!

Seriously, if there's a sweeter athletic theme in a Mario game, I swear I will die and go to Nintendo Heaven :3

So my question for today's TAYveyard is are there any new games that have captivated you in the last month or so? ^^


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