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Who here likes a challenge? I know I do. Which is why I use my special "realistic" rules when playing certain games. Like say, Metal Gear. When I play MGS (Particularly MGS3+4), I try to be as realistic and harsh with myself as possible. I usually try to depend as little as possible on my weapons, and keep my interaction with the environment to a minimum. After all, it's a stealth game, so it only makes sense to rely on stealth throughout the majority of the game, right? I'll go as far as only using suppressed weapons when I'm able to mask the sound amidst the gunfire in the background, or with nearby explosions, and I'll flat out reject the tranq gun since it's too easy to just put everyone to sleep. And if I want a nonlethal playthrough . . . Well, it'll be a stealth-only game session. And you know what? It makes everything a lot more fun.

So, here I am, wondering if you guys ever set yourself special challenges, or follow certain rules. Ever tried the Nuzlocke Challenge? Or gone through Resident Evil 4 with just your knife?