I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Tonight's Shift... "Courage me, an- WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!"

Or juts cheats =p

Yes, those tricky combination of buttons that have to be smash on the right moment or the quirky sentences that make no sense. That once imputed, you can't go back....but why would you? Some are just made to be hilariously used on the AI. And sometimes they might just be to help complete the game (some folks can't get S rank on every level!)


I found codes to spice things up when it come to beating the AI. Or just to end it. Otherwise, why would the developer even have bother to put then in? Like to thing just for LAN fun. But besides that, what do you fellow TAYters think on cheat codes? Do you use then? Just for that one game or try to avoid them? Maybe for the lulz?

Well whatever it may be, feel free to ignore the topic, and talk about your real life viking adventures or video games monuments built for your achievements. So... TALKS AMONGST YOURSELVES!


How do you turn this on?

The Graveyard shift is not responsible for your lack of strategy, worrying about the huns taking your 'scity' wall, not enough gold, and Armageddon!

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